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Happy Hannah

Happy Hannah


Our niece Hannah was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, hearing loss and joint hypermobility from an early age. Hannah is now five and has missed all her physical development milestones. She is desperate to keep up with her friends but is unable to, as she cannot run, hop or ride a bike.  Hannah is at greater risk of injury or hospitalisation from bumps to her head because of her hydrocephalus.


However, when Hannah is on her RDA pony Coco she finds joy. When in the saddle she can keep up with her friends. Hannah has the freedom of movement without the worry of falling and she can go at speed without losing her balance. Hannah and Coco are a fabulous team, when they are together Hannah is so happy and smiles all the time. Coco is helping Hannah to build muscles and strengthen her core without the need for tedious exercises.


The RDA has given Hannah a new lease of life. It has been a place where Hannah can be herself and make new friends who she can keep up with. The RDA combines the joy of riding with therapy, the perfect combination.


On Sunday 4th December Lisa Wincup, Hannah's mother will be offering a FREE bespoke for Coco her RDA pony.  Followed by a converstion on Monday 5th December with the RDA publicity lady.  If we can do an offer  for all of the 500 RDA centres in the UK who do such amazing work - it woudl be our way of saying THANK YOU for helping our niece, as we think a litle extra support from Bespoke is a nice thing for these wonderful horses and poines.  Fingers crossed they do too!! x

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