Rory Feeling Happy Again

Rory Feeling Happy Again

"There was a definite improvement once I started him on his Hack Up Bespoke formula." I love the ongoing support from Nicola too.

"This is Rory, ageing gracefully since 2009. 

He has a hip defect hip and progressive stiffness, starting in his ankles and now after recent vet visit looks like it’s in his right shoulder. As you can see from pictures he is a happy boy but is definitely feeling his age! A few years ago I contacted Hack Up Bespoke to get a supplement for him and I’m glad I did. He has medication from the vet, cod liver oil & hydrotherapy to help him but there was a definite improvement once I started him on Hack Up Bespoke. An added bonus is it’s one of the things he doesn't turn his nose up at! Win win! 

Thank you Hack Up!"

Heather Stewart

  • Hack up bespoke team

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