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Kelly Bergheim and Hack Up Bespoke

Kelly uses Calming formulas for 2 of her horses throughout the year and not only enjoys feeling the results of the supplements herself but she insists many of her clients benefit too. She's an inspiration on many levels and a true professional who we're VERY proud to have on side.

At the time when Alex first visited Calaeron in early 2017, most of Kelly’s time was taken up by instructing whilst her new husband Ed Bergheim was responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the sizeable ground, not a small task!!

Well the 3 of them got on like a house on fire and over a bottle of wine decided that they had far too much in common for them not to help each other out. Their love and passion for dressage and training was to prove an infectious spark that caught the imagination of thousands over fb and forums. With Alex’s dressage tips came a tidal wave of questions and interest. As a dressage judge and MD of Hack Up Alex had little time to reply comprehensively for all of the queries, so he passed them on to someone extremely capable of doing exactly this, Kelly. Using her own horses in her gorgeous indoor school, she got Ed to video her riding certain movements and microphoned up, Kelly talks what she’s thinking as she rides the movements and the horse’s responses to her aids can be seen immediately. The concept took off and now Kelly is busy on every level.

Kelly can now be seen sitting at C as she passed her judging exams to go straight to List 4 (really not easy to do) ...... as well as entering at A on 4 legs and instructing at X. Moreover Kelly continues to get her growing number of clients on Hack Up Bespoke which in turn makes her job of helping them up the levels easier and faster. In her own feed room its clear to see that she practices what she preaches as Hack Up Bespoke definitely rules the roost in this department!!!

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