20JOINTS code is for October 2020
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20JOINTS code is for October 2020

For horses, ponies and dogs, 20JOINTS this month we rolled it over as Horse & Hound will be featuring Bepsoke in their joint feature this month.

20JOINTS is the coupon code to use, to get 20% extra FREE in the first 1kg of all sizes of bespokes that are designed for comfort / mobility.Tell your friends about it get FREE friend share code and they get 50% extra FREE product too!

Literally thousands of customers see and feel the difference that Hack Up Bespoke makes to the comfort and mobility that we bring to their horses, ponies, AND dogs. With nothing but pure ingredients tailored in suitable ratios for the individual, we like so many others, believe it is the best option to supplement.

Since 2012 so many riders have shared their stories with each other and spread the word of bespoke. In the early years, we knew every owner, every horse's name, and thanked everyone personally for their recommendation. Now, with 1000's of customers keeping us busy we thank everyone with our heartfelt feelings automatically .

When your friend orders they get a code, they need to share this with you, the committed customer and you pop it into your friend share code on your bespoke page, simply scroll down to find the box. You both then get 2 FREE points to add towards our gilets, mounting blocks, t.shirts jackets, and more!

It's all about trust in a bespoke name that's delivered year after year for so many customers that now we have a growing number of customers feeding a joint bespoke to support joint health and to keep them mobile and trouble-free.

20JOINTS is the coupon code to use, to get 20% extra FREE in the first 1kg of all sizes bespoke that are designed for comfort/mobility, offer ends 30th September 2020.

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