3 GOLD's 2 Kids, 1 pony & 1 bespoke!

3 GOLD's 2 Kids, 1 pony & 1 bespoke!

Tailoring fresh ingredients to the individual situation is bound to be more effective than 'one formula suits all' supplements. It's common sense!

Sarah Healy called us to share her amazing story, that we had no idea was happening! 

"I first contacted you in 2014 for Callum my old advanced horse who with multiple wear and tear niggles I was wanting to use as a schoolmaster for Ellie while she produced Casper as she was only 12 and Casper 4. It completely transformed Callum who was 18 at the time, so I decided to feed Casper a joint bespoke for his young joints and look at him now! 3 GOLD Euro medals with both my children on board! Thank you Hack Up Bespoke I seriously can not believe the amazing support you have given our horses to enable us to bring out the best in them!

Ellie has done all the training with Casper since he was 4 and she just 12, obviously she has had an incredible support team around her to delivery her first GOLD at the Euros 2018. She generously gave the 2019 ride to her brother Finn and he just came home with 2 GOLD Euro medals. He is Ellie's pony and she is not going to be giving him to Finn any time soon but we just wanted to thank Hack Up Bespoke publicaly as they had no idea what a future our pony was being aimed at.

Antonia Brown who has been working with Alex and Jayne is a good friend of ours and we suggested to the Browns they should use Bespoke and their whole yard is on their own Buy and Book Bespoke with automatic deliveries and cost cutting prices too.  We can not recommend this innovation highly enough to riders of all levels and promice that it will save you money compared to the shop stocked supplements."

Sarah Healy


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