Bespoke goes for GOLD

Bespoke goes for GOLD

Chosen by The Healy family to get their retired International event horse back out competing with such amazing results made putting the whole yard on bespoke a logical decision.

"Our International event horse would have stayed in retirement at 16 without Hack Up Bespoke, supplementation. He is now 23 and still competing" exclaimed Sarah Healy. She made her first heartfelt thank you phone call to Alex Gingell just as she returned from the Europeans with a double gold medallist son to join her single gold medallist daughter!

Sarah Healy talked to Jayne Gingell whilst the Healy and Gingell teens were filming the 2020 promo campaign.

"My dream horse is Callum (in the picture); at 11 years old he sustained an injury that had almost ended his career.  He never fully recovered, having had chronic niggles in pretty much every leg, but made a come-back to OI level as a 16 year old only to pick up yet another injury which resulted in 12 months of field rest. After this, he was never consistently sound but he was very bored so we bought him back into light work under the guidance of our vet.  None of the clinical options were ‘competition legal’ and i did not like the idea of this being a long-term solution, so I decided to search for other alternative options which is when I saw 'Hack Up Bespoke' on facebook and called Alex Gingell to discuss the idea of using bespoke to help get my horse competition fit and competing again.

I told him I did not want to pay much money and it was just an idea to trial to see if it helped Callum. He created a bespoke formulation for him and within weeks of changing him over to 'Hackup Bespoke', I could see an improvement. Seeing him move so well again was amazing so I started to put him into some work to see if it would hold up! It wasnt long before he was well enough to start a little bit of jumping and dressage again.

Getting back on him was just brilliant, I adore Callum and my years of sadness from his injury started to ebb away and turn to hope. I was so glad that I had found a company that could deliver fresh, powerful ingredients to help him on his journey.  He went from strength to strength, being used as a schoolmaster for Ellie starting at 90cm and then progressing to 110 champs level multiple times at NSEA/PC Champs over the next 5 years with no detrimental effect!

During this time we purchased Casper, a 4 year old for Ellie to event. I soon realized that his could be Ellie's dream horse, just as Callum had been mine. So many emotions are packed into our horses and our dreams and aspirations. It was this that made me call you to thank you four years later, Hack Up Bespoke was playing a huge part of this journey and you guys had no idea!

Casper was 4 and is now our 9-year-old 3 gold medallist pony!!! I was determined to offer him all the support in the world to keep him fit and well as his young bones. He was put on his own bespoke straight away and we have just kept refining it as he grew and matured. I believe we have been able to keep him in his training and competitions so consistently due to the support he gets in every feed. The power of the bespoke ratios and pure ingredients is plain for us to see and I cannot recommend this way of supplementing more than I already do. The Buy and Book pre-order facility makes it cheaper for us than any other supplement that can be bought off the shelf.

A heartfelt thank you was shared between the Healy's and Gingell's whilst the next generation took control of the messages that they felt they should share with riders of their generation. It feels right that our kids are now all involved as when I first saw the FB campaign I realised that I knew of Alex Gingell through our family hunting connections. I recalled that he had been in the supplement industry ever since his eventing fall, in 1990. That gave me the confidence that there was the knowledge and heritage in this modern style approach and I had a gut feel that it would deliver. Isn't life just wonderful sometimes? I am now really looking forward to seeing the video promo and it was great to see how Archie Gingell inspired Finn's creative brain, something I did not expect to see today."

Sarah Healy.

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