Black Friday PRE ORDERS. Coupon Code: 50PREBLACK
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Black Friday PRE ORDERS. Coupon Code: 50PREBLACK

Black Friday PRE ORDERS have started!!!

Coupon Code: 50PREBLACK

50% extra FREE for everyone!!!! The Black Friday is now open to every order on the first 1kg of all sizes of bespokes.

+ FREE   100ml Liquid Caalm pouch

+ FREE   100ml Liquid Electrolyte

The Black Friday Black Box is for the whole of November. Every bespoke is hand-made to order and Black Friday usually sees an order every 30 seconds.  We have learn't over the last 5 years that pay dates are scattered and so until now someone has always missing out.  We will make it the day of the order and despatch the same day. If you need to delay your delivery simply hit the date you want us to send it to you so you keep your bargin fresh.

NB. Every Buy & Book order in November & December (and delivery) will get the freebies too automatically, no code required.


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