Dedicated formulator - another innovation
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Dedicated formulator - another innovation

The only bespoke that gives you your own dedicated personal formulator. You can now change your supplement for every delivery if that is what you need.

The innovation of bespoke is gaining momentum with others following the trend we set. No one has invested to create a true bespoke like ours. Our dedicated formulators work with you to create your own bespoke, selecting from single ingredients to create a unique supplement. Every order can be changed to reflect the response you horse or dog displays to certain ingredients at selected percentages.

The innovation and concept were all created by Alex Gingell, our founder 26 years ago, and then became digital with the skills brought to the team by his wife Jayne. Today Bespoke is considered by industry leaders and influencers to be the newest mainstream brand in the UK.

The handmaking factory is registered ISO9001, the digital campaign is an award-winning business solution to enable bespoke to work in line with all the authorities and still make every product different. Your order is made within minutes of arriving and despatched the same day.

New customers gain extra FREE so we give them the loading dose to get the new ingredients into the animal and then if we need to REFINE to imptove the results we give 50% extra FREE again until we get the supplmenet working at the level the owner feels content with.


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