FEI Riders

FEI Riders

Digital Compeititon log is LIVE

Meeting the needs of FEI riders is now digital! The requirements to check with your feed and supplement suppliers, keep records of purchases, dates and batch number is now easy for you with our digital log.  Simply log into the site and present all of the required information to the show organizer, or officials from your mobile phone.

This feature is supported by our knowledgable team who can also check the entire diet of the horse including where the grazing is. There are restricted ingredients for FEI competitions in grazing, Alfa A and many many supplements. The combination of them all can run a risk to riders who are checked on the overall result, not each component. Hack Up Bespoke are the only company who have no restricted ingredients in every single bespoke product. The FEI checking system does not check on substances only on ingredients but in supplements, restricted ingredients do not present clearly at all.

Ask for a FREE evaluation of your horse's entire diet and grazing to ensure your safety to compete beyond the checks that are required, for the extra peace of mind.



  • Hack up bespoke team

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