Hack Up Bespoke farrier for 5 years
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Hack Up Bespoke farrier for 5 years

I've seen the benefits of superior nutrition for myself with many of my client's horses - so I have gone from skeptic to total believer - it makes my job more rewarding.

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"My view on the important link between dietary intake and the hoof.

My name is Stephen Davis, I am a farrier covering the Suffolk and Norfolk region. Having qualified in 2001, I have seen numerous hooves over the past years.

Everyone has heard the saying 'No foot - No horse”. Looking at that further, I feel 'No hoof wall - No foot - No horse'.

As a result, I have always had a great interest in the link between dietary intake and the condition, quality and rate of growth of the hoof. Simply put, a horse that is missing a nutritional aspect of it diet, or needs help with the absorption of its nutrition, can often suffer from poor quality hoof growth.

Over the years my customers have tried the vast majority of the hoof products that are available. The one constant that I have noticed with the improvement of the quality and quantity of hoof growth with the use all these products, is the inconsistency of the result.

One horse will have a massive improvement on a certain product, yet the horse in the next stable would only show minimal or no improvement. This inconsistency not only frustrated my customers, but it left myself as a farrier wanting good hooves to work with, looking for possible ways to improve consistency of results.

I first came across “Hack Up Bespoke” products about six years ago. I have a customer who owns a thoroughbred ex racer. He was extremely nervous and as a result could be very frightened with shoeing. Over many visits, trying many different methods to create a calm shoeing experience, I saw little to no improvement. 

Then I distinctly remember one visit where he was completely calm and relaxed through the entire shoeing. This is where I first saw the effects of “Hack Up Bespoke Instant calmer”, every visit from there on this horse was happy and relaxed, a complete change.

Since then I have taken Jayne & Alex on as customers, as a result learning so much more about “Hack Up Bespoke” as a product and having the opportunity to see it work.

Over the past years I have recommended “Hack Up Bespoke” to many customers for various reasons (behavioural - hoof growth - laminitis, both preventative and active treatment), I have consistently seen a significant improvement.

Over the years, laminitis has been an area of remedial shoeing that I have gained extensive experience and knowledge.  No matter the causality of a laminitic, the one constant with every laminitic is the development of toxins within the blood. This creates a thicker, more viscous blood that ruptured the blood vessels within the laminae.  When treating a laminitic horse, alongside providing adequate digital support to the bone column, cleansing the toxins within the blood supply is an absolute must.

I have first hand seen the difference that “Hack Up Bespoke” can have on a laminitic horse. The detox of the blood aids and minimises the level pain and severity of the laminitis.

In my opinion Hack Up Bespoke products unquestionably make my job easier. 

Whether that’s giving me a solid healthy hoof to work on, or helping to calm a nervous horse. or even aid in the recovery of a laminitic. 

*20% extra free in 1st 1kg only. Offer ends 31.3.20

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