Real Riders : Real Recommendations

Real Riders : Real Recommendations

This wonderful artwork is made up of our wonderful customers. Refine is what makes Bespoke super special.

Customers sharing their stories of success has been the backbone of the business. The care you take looking after your horse every day is understood by our experts, we are horse people too. But this is an integral part of the process. Using our knowledge to put together the best bespoke to support internal health that then radiates externally is something that our most discerning owners enjoy seeing. Riders and owners like to trust the experts who can create history and files of the horse's response, work closely with the equine support team of the horse, in the vet, farrier, trainers and physios to offer a unique supplementing option that is sugar-free and free from preservatives.

Taking the time and caring about your horses' well being is something that is a focus for the team every day. They will work closely with you to create a totally bespoke service on top of the product we create. Some of our customers love the first hand interaction with our team of formulators on the phone or on LiveChat, helping them work through the changes they are experiencing with their horse, whilst others prefer to utilise the other online features to feed back their findings and these reports link all this information in the clever site for the formulators to refine any bespoke products accordingly. It is all interactive and uniquie. All the information is kept in your own file so we have the ability to refer back to previous formulas and we can read back the historic feedback too if we need to.

Every horse or dog responds differently to different herbs superfoods and minerals. With over 1 million handmade products behind us and masses of information about each horse we also have really good hands-on knowledge that can quickly address chronic issues that are presented to us every day.

The refining process ensures that long-term chronic care is continued for the lifetime of the horse. Acute care always goes back to veterinarian to assess and treat. In the early years Bespoke was seen as a 'last resort before the vet' as their owners were more drawn to shelf available produts as they were more rewadily available. Times have changed and owners are now receptive to trying innovative products and over the years we have become the first port of call to find personalized solutions rather than trying when all else failed. We are more than happy to work with your vets, physios, saddlers, farriers as we all have our areas of expertise and we all complement each other to get it right for you and your horse.


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