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The healing business

A modern business term that is given to a caring structured business is at the heart of bespoke. It's a world that corporations are now striving to achieve.

Individual nutritional support takes time and dedication which we have ensured is funded by the Healing Business structure and not you. Our price guarantee is that you will never pay more for a bespoke supplement than a shop sold plastic packaged product  We laid down our roots and structure using a business strategy that is now termed a 'healing business'. Major corporations are embracing this concept but it is where we first laid down our roots and, as a result, have won prestigious international business awards. We fund the dedicated personal service that provides a superior nutritional solution,  through rapid automated systems, fresh raw ingredients, fast-moving stock, biodegradable packing, delivering directly to the yard the next day to reduce the costs that are added to the products when you use a traditional supply chain structure.  Since 2014 we have invested in excess of £1.5million into the technical world.
Our hand-making factory runs like a family, everyone is an individual, doing roles that instinctively marry their characters and personalities. Everyone is supported with flexibility and freedom that is rewarded with motivation and happiness.  Our customer service surpasses expectations, our products deliver superior quality and performance and we continue to deliver better results for you as 'better never stops.'

Bespoke offers equine athletes an individual nutritional programme that changes and adapts to support the competing demands and horse's well being. The whole support team's feedback is recorded and analyzed to offer continued support, and as the history builds, a detailed picture of the horse's responses to key ingredients and different ratios is monitored.  Bespoke strongly supports clinical intervention for your horse or dog.  We then offer bespoke to give the most sophisticated measured complementary solution that enables owners to manage chronic conditions to improve the quality of life of our beloved animals.
Although this service is only 5 years old to the mass market, be assured that Bespoke has been providing a one on one personal nutritional service, using competition experience blended with generations of horsemanship for over 26 years by Alex Gingell our managing director who spends all day every day talking to riders and owners.

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