Upgraded to BD List 3 today!!

Upgraded to BD List 3 today!!

With the RingCraft uptake being so great in recent months, and the upgrading to List 3, Hack Up founder is set to have a major change in 2022.

Alex is a horseman first and foremost, but over the last 10 years most of his working hours have been spent in a laptop driving the growth of Hack Up Bespoke.
With Jayne's help over the last decade, Hack Up has become the 'go to' online subscription bespoke supplement company. All the feedback from our thousands of customers over the years continuously trains our formulators what combination works best in each situation. The current ability for subscription, both on a Buy & Book and on a monthly DD mandate, gives rise to an almost 100% service orientated company. This in turn frees up Alex to follow his passion of BE, BD and FEI Judging both at home and abroad.
RingCraft clearly is a major part of Alex's new role in catapulting progression for competitors, both BE, BD, RC and PC. Whether Hack Up customers or not, progression is key.
So in 2022, Alex will be out and about, running RingCraft clinics accross the UK. judging as required in competitions everywhere. If you'd like to get invoved, message Alex direct.

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