Your personal assessment with phone support - simply click to request
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Hack up bespoke team

Your personal assessment with phone support - simply click to request

Chances are if you are reading this you have a bespoke on your file waiting for you to review. Bespoke is brought to life by real people sharing real stories, from winning competitions to keeping close companions comfortable. If you want to know all about what we have formulated for you then please simply get back in touch

Completing your personal assessment begins your journey to a new way of supplementing your horse with fresh, preservative-free herbs and minerals. You draw on our expertise and knowledge, whilst we draw from your knowledge about your horse.  We need to understand how your own horse or dog is behaving and any information about their physical and emotional health. Everything we discuss and share is recorded on your file, every ingredient in your formulation is traceable, we never delete data, we merely hide it from your view. We also prompt you to share feedback from your vet, trainer, physio, behaviourist, dog groomer, as well as farrier and saddle fitter for your horse. As many professional opinions as possible help us to gleen as much information as possible to enable us to create an individual holistic complementary approach for a variety of conditions. If you have a bespoke on your file and have any questions either call us or use your bespoke chat to talk direct to our formulators in the safety of your secure account.

This innovative way of creating supplements is something that we are very proud to have achieved, but it is all thanks to you for supporting our "out of the box approach' We never imagined that you would share your stories on the digirtal platform so freely but we were delighted that you did and still do. In our early years we knew every owner and every horse by name, as we gained recommendations we would call and personally thank the rider for the reference. As we started to grow so rapidly we created points for posts, and friend share codes, it was our automated thank you to everyone who recommended our products, we never wanted to look big and ungrateful, we just needed to spend our time talking, handmaking and supporting customers with advice and guidance.

Before we created Hack Up the supplement industry was supplying static products to the market via wholesalers and retailers. This requires preservatives for shelf life and an element of low-grade ingredients to build in the margin and pay for the product miles. Alex Gingell was involved in this process and it did not sit comfortably with him for many years. "I would sell to people who would put their horses before themselves and make massive personal sacrifices, seeing them buy a one-pot solution which was not filled with just active ingredients, did not sit comfortably for me. I would, therefore, supply big bags of raw pure ingredients and tell them how much to blend for each horse. It saved them money, gave them a superior product, and removed preservatives. It has seriously upset the industry but when it is for the good for the customer I feel comfortable.

All of the supplement industry has the same ingredients available to them. The evidence of pure herbs is there for all the authorities to see.  The knowledge of how your own horse or dog responds is only really seen by the owner. From our standard 47 questions we then ask for more information fromn vets, physio, farriers comments and details and build a complex file with images, reports and supporting documentation, something no shop sold product can ever manage. 

Science proves a process and a holistic indivudual approach is our innovation.

  • Hack up bespoke team

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