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3 Horses On Hack Up Bespoke And Always Recommending

Hi thought I would just send you a pic of 1 of my 3 horses I have on your Hack Up  Bespoke products! Fred is 21yrs old now and just done his second winter with no prescribed pain relief from my vet, thanks to being on your joint /AI supp and circ/ detox /Cush great product .  I know that the ingrediants are bespoke ot each of my horses and the way that you can change them to help with any changes in my horses health, behaviour or enviroment is so amazing and unique!  I adore the feature of being able to split my payments so I can spend without actually have it all go out of my account in one hit!  I totally love the overall fantastic  knowlegable service and I am always recommending !
Jenny Ainscough


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