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5th At Petplan Area Festival Using Hack Up Bespoke

Omg superstar only went and came 5th in a super strong medium class at the Petplan area festival with his highest scores yet. One judge even had us winning the class on 67+% got just over 65% I actually cried when I saw the board this is probably the proudest moment not just because of the score but the last time we competed he completely abandoned me and did the worst test. There was not a single thing I could do about it. We've been such a team this last year getting great results and going strength to strength and in those 6 minutes of carnage he just didn't want to know what I had to say, stressy to handle and unbelievably tense. It absolutely broke my heart I cried for like two days straight feeling like the worst rider and never wanting to compete again. The amount of support I had after that was unbelievable. I went today simply to fix what happened last week, so to come away with such a high placing, his best scores even got 8s and a 7 for a simple change and a pirouette  (with a couple of bloopers) and him letting me ride him in the test honestly has made my absolute life  Thank you so much to top trainer/counsellor Claire DuttonHelen Elizabeth Dutton for being top groom and general banter duties. The amazing wirral muddy rugs for providing superstar and myself with everything fabulous Lauren Baillie . Mum and dad for supporting me and Alex Gingell who supplied instant calm hack up which I honestly believe was a massive Factor in Sup's result today, I can't recommend his products enough  sorry for the Oscar speech but those who know how I've been feeling the last couple of weeks will know what this means to me Rachel Louise Jones

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