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Alex Web brings her 6yo Max back to health with Hack Up Bespokes.

Alex Webb

I bought a Calm/Digest/Detox and an AI/Joint Bespoke following Alex's advice and haven't looked back!!!

Let me tell you a little about my horse.. he's called Max, 6yo Welsh sec D. I bought him when I went to a dealers yard and he was hidden behind a stable block. He was nervous very underweight and had minimal hair and he had ringworm. I had to buy him. For the first few months it was terrible, I couldn't catch him or anything when I did he was a complete nervous wreck!! We found out about a year ago he was nearly blind in one eye where a lovely person had hit him with a blunt object when he was was a baby he also has deformed teeth from it. He has many scars from his previous life. After lots of hard work he is now broken but is so explosive due to the nervousness especially when people try to walk near him. His been on hack up now for 10 days and I can already feel the difference when I ride him and when I catch him. Thanks so much for your help and I can't wait to see how much better we get. will keep you updated!!

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