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ANOTHER AMAZING Before & After - this time from Texas USA.

Hack Up Bespoke customer of 3 years, Jacqueline Leiper chose to stick with us despite moving from Moray in Scotland to Texas, USA.

Just look at the difference!

Marshall had a bad start. Not only were his parents his full brother and sister but his old owners got him as a rescue and said he used to be a halter show horse. He probably lived in a stable 24 hours a day. As a result, when they first turned him out, he didn't know what to do or what grass was.

But Jacqueline fell for him because he reminded her so much of her old horses <3.

“He has been strange with his weight, he would seem to put weight on then lose it just as quick. He also has a major problem with the need to crib on metal, and only metal. Unfortunately, he has very worn down front top teeth. But lately I have noticed this has decreased a good bit and only see it occasionally.

For the last 7 months he’s been on a Digestive / Hoof Bespoke and separate Zeolite product and he looks phenomenal. With the next order he’ll be starting a powerful new bespoke designed to promote healing rapidly as he recently suffered a broken leg. He really has had some bad luck!!”

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