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Bella - Loves Her StepFree

My previous horse was a very talented but extremely temperamental warmblood who was sold to me as suitable for a novice but who completely dented my confidence. Having sold him to a lovely new home I bought Bella, a rather green ISH who was a bit of a “dope on a rope” when I got her. Perfect for my low confidence levels! Soon after arriving at Okke’s yard 6 months ago he recognised her potential and started to bring her on. She’s now as fit as a fiddle and training happily at Novice level, as well as doing a bit
of jumping and hacking. Unfortunately, now that she’s fitter she’s become a bit spooky and although never nasty, she’s quick to take advantage of a nervous novice like me. This is where Hack Up’s StepFree comes into its own! After being recommended it by a friend I give Bella quick shot before I ride her and hey presto, we soon have a lovely calm Bella who’s happy to work but without the attitude. Because of StepFree, my confidence is now increasing and I’m doing more and more with Bella and loving it.


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