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Bywell Beau Dressage Success thanks to Bespoke.

Bywell Beau has had a very full life, racing until 12 years old (National Hunt) and then coming to me at 13. Downtime and getting to know one another, we dabbled in different things until dressage took over both our lives. In just 2 years of sole dressage training and competing, we found ourselves winning numerous championships, winning hefty prize money, competing up and down the country at affiliated and unaffiliated events, with the support of two fabulous sponsors (Chillout Horsewear and Nicola Oxley Ethpk) We won more red ribbons than I can count, and climbed up the levels from intro to Elementary. Then October/November 2015 disaster struck and discomfort in his hocks put a stop to everything. After veterinary support and a slow rehab we're starting to get back on track and the addition of our Bespoke Joint Supplement he is making is fantastic progress. He's found the spring in his step and we're now planning our events for 2016, which include Regionals, Petplans and numerous other championships. Due to his joint discomfort, the plan to continue up the levels isn't as likely as I'd hoped, but at least we've got a fighting chance!! Thank you Alex and Hack Up, the dream is not over yet!!! 😄 Hayley J Burson

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