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Calmness and safety at last!

I did the unthinkable just over a year ago I bought a little horse because I felt sorry for him. I'd lost my old point to point mare on boxing day I'd had her 21yrs so I was very emotional, off I went to Yorkshire to see a horse I'd seen on pre loved . He was thin & very nervous, I touched him on the neck as his owner was tacking him up, he almost put himself through the wall. I rode him for 5 mins he was so tense so I just got off & made an offer, I'd decided I couldn't leave him there . Once we got him home I soon realized how bad he was. If anyone took a horse out of a nearby stable he'd try & climb over his door. He wouldn't stand to be shod & once we got shoes on when it came to getting them off he'd need a sedative! Out hacking he would rear & bolt if he had to stand still, if you tried to do a gate he'd spin, rear & take off. That's when the endless trying of different calmers started. I've spent a fortune on them & I bet I've tried them all . Then I saw a post on an eventing site about Hack Up bespoke, so I filled in the form & ordered my calmer. About 2 weeks in I emailed Alex as I was worried it wasn't working, he called me back & gave me some further advice. Thankfully I stuck with it.  I now have a happy & most of the time relaxed boy. He's still not keen on men but can be shod without a sedative, we only shoe in front but he's got great feet so no need for hinds. He's stopped rearing & climbing over his door & he's the best gate horse I've ever had!! We've still got along way to go but I know his Hack Up calmer has helped, everyone on the yard has commented on how much more relaxed he is. Here's a before & after pic of my beautiful boy - you can see the difference in his eyes. Thank you all at Hack Up xxx Sandra Johnson & Timothy aka The Fire Breathing Dragon.

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