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Charlie gets a new lease of life!


Hi Alex I've written this message so many times over but there is no better way than just to say thank you. You have given life back to my Charlie and he is looking and feeling better than ever! I must of gone through every single supplement on the shelf and then discovered this. By all means once you have tried a few you start to get a bit wary of anything else and wonder what will come next, but any one that thinks this is another fad or gimmick will be soon found galloping madly through fields on horses that were once tagged 'retired hacker'. For example my once stiff old guy that would potter about and maybe go for the odd walk, has within the last two weeks won a sj class, come fifth in dressage having never done any before with good comments made on his movement and the only improvement comment being about his flexion and come fourth in a forest cross which is xc style round with sj fences and then went round again in pairs with a friends young horse with loads of puff left - my arms were so sore I've convinced myself next time a stronger bit maybe required! I'd never of dreamed of this happening before and it's the only thing that has changed. He's has come out of winter amazingly! I find it so hard to believe he is 20 this year! I've attached some photos so you can see the star/monster? you have helped create! A million times over, thank you!

Sarah & Charlie

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