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Claire uses the 'Refine' facility to make her mare even more supple and comfortable.

Claire Louise Milton
17 August at 11:19

I have noticed a huge different in my mare who was originally on the joint/digestive however after X-rays it was found she had slight changes on the front of her joints in her front legs ( nothing major) just causing her to be a little stiff if she had been standing about. I spoke to Alex and he suggested that we refined her formula based on the new information. Now she had been off work for over a year due to illness, however it has now been about 3 months since she has been brought back into work and about 2 months if not more on the supplement and is doing super. The discomfort isn't noticeable and she will happily stand still without getting agitated. I notice a difference in her schooling,  a lot more comfortable (even if the ground is a little harder). Really happy with her progress and for 7 years it has been supplements after supplements some 9 at a time.  Now I feel I have my horse back and not a whole supplement list to make up her dinner. Who thought you would need one! Long may it continue!!!! Thank you Team hack up!!!

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