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Driggs Is Getting Better And Better on her Bespoke

Again and again I write to the Hack Up Bespoke Supplements Facebook page as I am just amazed by the difference in my mare Driggs. She has been on the Calm/Digest/Detox for mares for about 2 months now and she's just getting better and better. Since being on the supplement we've been getting firsts and seconds in local dressage tests. We used to travel around the arena in turbo mode and each downward movement was a tug of war but recently we've had rhythm, control and some sense!! The icing on the cake was having the word obedient written on a score sheet... something I never thought I'd read! We've also been out for show jumping lessons and she has been as cool as a cucumber! Where she normally drips in sweat after getting herself in such a tizz and all tense she has been completely different with sweat only from working. No silly tantrums or stupid moments but instead just some nice enjoyable jumping. She has also been a lot better when loading and travelling. Previously she would stamp and bang once loaded until we moved off and also on arriving at a venue she would create as soon as we pulled up. This meant I couldn't leave her unsupervised in the trailer as she'd just bang and crash about. But this behaviour seems to have massively improved and she is standing quiet when on the box. I can’t thank Alex and his team enough. Long may this change in behaviour last and she continues to get better and better on your supplements. Emma Brooke


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