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Emma Overton is chuffed to bits that she stuck with her Joint Bespoke..

Emma Overton

I'm not one for normally 'reviewing' stuff but I felt I needed to this time.

My warmblood can sometimes feel very heavy to ride, not swinging through his back or being energtic,  especially on hard ground, so this time of year is tough, with most competitions held on grass.
I had spoken to a vet but wanted to try a supplement before going down evasive treatments.
I emailed hack up and to be honest my husband moaned and said stop wasting my money! 
My first lot of joint supplement arrived, I did the maintenance dose and after a week he was exactly the same, still difficult to get off the forehand, which causes an annoyed rider and now a tense horse
but I continued to carry on with the supplement. After the third week I noticed a change and now I'm in my fourth week and he has just continued to improve, in fact I have just ordered a bulk load!
Today I rode him for the first time in snaffle.
I was expecting him not to feel so stuffy,  but instead, he feels to have a whole set of new paces, moving freeley through his back, stretching down and engaging his back end.
We are now going to try it on my daughters 20 year old pony.......... See you at RIO 😀
Happy rider and happy horse x

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