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Gemma Harvey enjoys the Calming effect on the beach.

Hi Alex,
Just an update on Belle, as you know from previous conversations she is a very temperamental mare since starting Belle on her bespoke calmer her behaviour become a lot more controllable. Since we last spoke I have doubled her bespoke to two scoops and she's like a new horse she's much more enjoyable to ride. Her carer who looks after her and my other boy Hugo who is also on bespoke joint, has said that her attitude to work in lunge and her general attitude has drastically improved and she is surprised that the calmer can do this!
I took her to endurance before I went offshore and used the step free although she was still a little jumpy, It was a vast improvement to not using it and really enjoyed our ride. We even time qualified and I earned my first rosette!
Thanks very much for your advice and will continue to use your products on both my horses.
Gemma Harvey

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