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Hack Up Hat Trick

1st in first Inter 1

I (Charlotte Fill left image) have wanted to own my horse since the first day I saw him, but each time he was for sale and phoned up about him, I fell off my chair when I was told how much he was at ages 12 and 14.  But when he was 17, last year when I bought him I could just about manage to buy him after my fabulous fiancé agreed that he would help me.  I could not help but having to watch the vetting, which I did tentatively through my fingers, but he’s the soundest horse I know and he passed with flying colours!!!

Riding my first ever Inter 1 last week at the Carrington Group sponsored PSG and Inter1 and gaining 64.3% was amazing, but to get the double win with the PSG as well made all my dreams come true, I am so pleased I stuck to my guns and kept my focus. Stanhopes Odwig was really meant to come into my hands, eventually! 

Being back riding and getting the feelings I had when I was on the junior European team is in itself fabulous but is doubly so as many of my friends and colleagues know, I suffered torment torment after falling from a welsh section D. I lost the feeling in my leg and the long term back pain I endured was horrendous.  Nothing the doctors did reduced the pain at all but last year I began Reiki treatment and it has made an immense difference, enabling me to ride again.

In just one year Odwig has gone from being an unfit covering stallion to picking up the reins of his winning dressage career previously with Hannah Esberger.  My trainer, Matt Frost has seen that Odwig and I have really clicked, there is still a long way to go, but I am loving being where I am right now.

Hack Up has been part of Odwig’s return to fitness supporting him, keeping him comfortable and enabling to do his best at all times.  I have known Alex and Jayne Gingell for years so I did not hesitate in where I should go for my supplementation advice and products.  Alex Gingell has worked closely with me and has kept refining the formulation as we have gone through our fitness training.  Now that we have an established formulation, I am in receipt of what I think is the worlds biggest tub of supplement, but apparently the trainers in Newmarket get it in even bigger ones!!! I had to roll my last delivery down the yard! LOL


1st Grand Prix

Mark Mills (right image) competed at his first grand prix on Texs and scored a brilliant 65.3%.

"I bought a horsebox and got Tex free!  He was such a naughty horse and no one could do anything with him,so they gave him away!  He is a KWPN carriage driving horse not dressage horse.  As I also enjoy competitive carriage driving, Tex soon became my obsessive project!  He was, as they said, the naughtiest horse I have ever tried to train.  He would spin, buck and rear and just shoot off back to his stable, it took many hours to get him to just begin to listen and 7 short years later I have managed to get him to Grand Prix!!!!!

I took a leaf out of Tex’s book and decided to throw caution to the wind and enter our first grand prix having never ridden through the test or even told my trainer. I knew the pirouettes were not going to be good enough, but I just wanted to see how the rest of our work would fair.   I was thrilled with the result, much of his work was 7’s and 8’s the piaffe gained 5.5, which I expected, but the good news is, they are getting better and better, so hopefully this solid start will become stronger.

Naturally, we consider every possible aspect of support we can give Tex to enable him to fulfill his dressage potential, which is why we looked to Hack Up Bespoke. Tex is fed a Digestive Bespoke supplement that keeps him settled, whether travelling, competing or training at home. He’s been on the bespoke for almost two years now and so far we haven’t needed to edit the formula as it ticks all the necessary boxes.

We also support Tex in his warm up and cool down with the Activo-Med pulse magnetic therapy, which has made an huge difference, after studying the market thoroughly we decided the pulse magnetic therapy was definitely going to be the most effective, and it was.  We were even allowed a trial period to prove our theory before we bought it.  He has a sugar free and preservative free diet, so we do support Tex , he is now s a very happy horse who just loves being spoilt and worked, we think his naughty boy days were just because he had this big grand prix horse brain who just needed to get out!  He feels like he has just so much more to give, more scope, more ability and more points Internationally are now the focus.


Ist supplement company to offer a SPLIT PAYMENT facility.

Hack Up are the first to introduce a new initiative - you can now order a larger supply of your established bespoke joint supplement, save up to 30% on the price and spread your payments over 2 or 3 months, interest free.

“I speak to many customers every day and the vast majority of them have one or two horses with a monthly budget. I want these people to be able to save on their Hack Up supplements so spreading the cost is the obvious solution,” says Alex Gingell, MD of Hack Up Ltd.

On all online orders over £87.99 existing customers will automatically be offered the to option to spread payments over 2 months (saving £18.99). Orders over £149.99 can be spread over 3 months (saving £70.97) at the check out. 

“These savings are substantial and I’m proud that Hack Up has taken steps to help horse owners reduce their costs.” Alex continues.

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