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Honey now lives up to her name..

Hi Alex, 
This is honey, I got her about 3 months ago and she seemed to be a bit stiff when riding and she wasn't really comfortable. I heard about your supplements and thought I would see if it would help her joints (in two minds if it would actually work). I filled in the online survey and was contacted that afternoon, the service was great. I received it within two days.
Wow the change in her was amazing, she has only been on it just over a week, she is much more forward, more comfortable when you ride her and seems to be enjoying it so much more. We used to struggle when jumping due to her being slightly stiff but now she is finding it so much easier to do. My instructor also has noticed a huge difference in her and was happy to see it. 
I won't be running out of this supplement any time soon. I would highly recommend you to anyone. A great service and product (which is done just for your horses needs). This product has helped so much. I can't wait to see the outcome from this in a few months, if this is the result after a week, wow.
Thank you so much, not only from me but also Honey.

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