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I Can't Believe How Chilled and Relaxed Driggs Is on Bespoke.

I have had the most perfect pony morning. Off I went by myself and had a fantastic lesson with Kelly Bergheim. We were working on me and the effect my riding has on Driggs and boy what a difference! Loads of tips on how to keep loose, relaxed and tension free. Driggs was an absolute angel this morning and our canter.. well ... spot on and felt amazing , need to work on those iffy transitions as for some reason I want to keep rising when asking for the canter. So I need to practice practice practice!  I'm heading out for 2 prelims on Sunday as I'm never going to improve if I stick to intros and don't push myself out of my comfort zone! I'm still buzzing... I can’t believe how chilled and relaxed Driggs was today and that's thanks to Alex Gingell and his Hack Up supplements. 

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