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Irish Cob More Settled on Calming Bespoke

Hi I recently started my irish cob on hackup comp/calm bespoke, he's been on it a couple of weeks now and seems generally more chilled out and seems to be less anxious in his schooling work and more settled. I'm hoping this will help when he starts to come in at night next week as he can sometimes worry the first few days. The next step is to try him on the stepfree when I take him out to dressage or to the forest as this is when he is most anxious. He is usually most worried when he first comes off the trailer so hopefully this will improve to.
I also recently started my tb on the toning/digest/joint supplement he's been on it now for 10 days and I can already see an improvement. He's put weight on and he had some inflammation from an old injury which has also reduced. He is moving more freely and is generally happier in himself.
I will certainly be ordering some more for both horses here is a pic of my irish cob.
Tracey Geeson


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