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Jennifer Hunt

Jennifer Hunt
These two are coming up to 22 years of age. They have been on a Hack Up bespoke joint supplement and bespoke digestive supplement for around a year now. This winter they have lived out so far because our stable roof has been being repaired, but they are actually fit enough for hunting and once I've got the stables back they will be clipped and have a few days following hounds. Tom (dark bay) has many issues, but now he has a true bounce without painkillers. He feels amazing right now, and if only he liked dressage he'd do an incredible test! Instead he'd go down the centre line squealing and bucking! Ron (red bay with funny markings) has discovered his extended trot, and has lost his trick of turning his socks green at the drop of a hat! He's also finding it easier to work in an outline, and his usual "flat" trot has developed some bounce. They both feel amazing, and are on a handful of dampened chaff just to get supplements in. Tom has always been a bit fussy, and always used to refuse to eat plain chaff but he's so keen for his supplements that he shovels it down then goes looking for Ron's!

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