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Katy Dodd feels the Bespoke power, by chance!

To all those people, like me, who had doubts about bespoke supplements , I'd like to reassure you.

I have a science background and I'm incredibly cynical and I'm not easily impressed. Poor Alex was probably onto a losing battle before he even started trying to help. Couple that with the fact that my first order wasn't a success as the damn horse wouldn't eat her food with it in and you'd wonder why I ever returned as a customer. Well here's why!!

Having got the bespoke joint product for one horse I wasn't about to waste it, so I chucked it in the feed of my elderly mare, what an improvement! !! My old girl spent the summer prancing around the paddock with the 4 yr old!

Add to this success the INCREDIBLE customer service.... yes I mean incredible. .. how many companies can you msg or call, when you're at your wits end and have tried everything , and they answer your incoherent babble within 5 mins???

They calmly ask questions and within 20 mins you have a bespoke supplement, and more importantly, hope that you can help your horse and it's shipped the same or next day! Now I don't live in the uk.... and I still get my supplement faster than a normal order from a company based in my country!!


& 3) superbly reliable speedy delivery!

How much more do you need???

Oh yes... interest free split payments. ...

GO HACK UP - I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Katy Dodd - Germany

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