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King Creeloe's Calmer After His Refine

Hello, I'm really hoping it's not a fluke but... 
Normally, King Creeloe is either really lazy, if he's ridden more than once every other day, or crazy and bronking if left for more than 3 days. I have been riding him every few days and lunging before I ride him to get all the bucking and spooking done then he is normally fine! We very rarely have a ride where he doesn't spook and dart away at random things and each time he spooks he bucks and tries to have you off! Since refining his bespoke supplement where I said he had improved but was still a bit spooky, he has been a lot calmer to ride but with the energy to work effectively! He had 4 days off and it was stormy and windy yesterday so there was no question whether to lunge him or not... before after about 4 minutes on the lunge he would go off galloping and bronking around the arena but yesterday, despite the spooky weather and a few days off he trotted and cantered around on the lunge as if he had been lunged for 30 minutes. He was so chilled out and not a single spook! I got on, still half expecting a spook and bucking fit but after a 45 minute ride it never came and he was a lovely boy to ride! Hopefully the refinement has taken the edge off him so he stops looking for monsters! He even had a little jump and NO bucking! Thankyou 
Celine Holliday

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