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Laura Bartley amazed by Marble's new ability to BREATHE now she found the pre-formulated Air!

Marble is an 18 year old appaloosa who we have owned for around 14 years. Several years ago we started having a lot off issues with some pretty severe allergies to all 3 grass types! The allergies caused a lot of breathing issues for her, making her extremely wheezy!! We used to joke that she sounded like darth vader the poor girl!
We tried various treatments - immunotherapy kept the hives at bay but nothing has helped the breathing issue. We have tried various drugs from the vets, and our only option left were steroids (she is prone to laminitis so this was out of the question) or a nebuliser (very expensive!!)
We decided to give your 'Air' supplement a try and have to say I was very sceptical about it... we are now 4 months later and Marble is fed 'Air' everyday and i am pleased to say she barely wheezes at all!
Her improvement has been dramatic -
Thank you so much for this product!! It really has given her a new lease of life.
Laura Bartley and Marble

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