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Laura Bradbury is one of the first to feel the EXTRA calming benefit of her Refined product.

After being very pleased with how Birba's behaviour had completely changed after starting her on the Calming/Digestion/Toning bespoke nearly a year ago, I thought I would give the new formula a try. Being a Thoroughbred she has always been typically spooky and flighty which I didn't think any product would change but after starting on the new formula she has not spooked once at anything! Even the tarpaulin blowing in the wind next to her field doesn't phase her. A year ago her shadow was an issue let alone something actually 'scary' so I have been truly amazed to see the difference. She is much more focused when being schooled and lunged and I'm looking forward to being able to enjoy hacking her when the weather improves, which is something I would never of been brave enough to do before! Birba is also on the Al/Joint bespoke, which has been equally as amazing. She is truly like a different horse. Thank you very much Alex and the team, I am extremely grateful and definitely will be a customer for life!

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