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Laura Tollit MRCVS is one of many vets recommending Hack Up Bespoke supplements for joints, and everything else!

Laura Tollitt MRCVS -  I have had Concord, or ‘Conx’ as he is affectionately known, on loan for the last 8.5 years. When he came to me as a 12 year old he had had quite a hard life full of hunting and eventing to BE novice, with visible wear and tear to his legs.  I had several years of fun competing on RC teams and at PN eventing. Although he would do a polite dressage test he always took a little while to loosen up, judges would comment on his movement and we would nearly always have a pole of 2 down in the show jumping despite working really hard at home!! In 2008 he damaged his deep digital flexor tendon resulting in 9 months in the stable and a long slog bringing him back into work, although sound and very happy to be back jumping again something was making me feel uneasy. After his injury he was started on a joint supplement – generally whatever the feed shop had on offer at the time as I never saw any difference in his movement or way of going, but it made me feel like I was doing the right thing! For the next couple of years we ticked along going to the odd local show and jumping the occasional small class and I battled to keep the weight on over the winter.

At the beginning of 2013 a friend said she had spoken to Alex Gingell  she liked what she heard so I thought maybe I should contact him too. The rest is history as they say.... Conx was started on a bespoke joint supplement containing  GLHCL, Boswellia Serrata, MSM and Turmeric. He started taking less time warming up and was a lot more forward and  willing to work on the flat. Last season he made a comeback to ODEs, having his best dressage scores since I have had him. He is consistently jumping those elusive double clears at 90cm-1m classes, which I thought was pretty amazing, as he was then 20 years old, and we had worked so hard in previous years and failed to achieve this.

Alex had also advised that I used Zeolite, since this addition he is far less girthy, more perky and happier in his work. 

My advice to any one not yet using Hack Up Bespoke supplements is to get registered on www.hackup.co.uk, click 'Create a Free Formulation' and fill in your horse's details, then click submit. It takes 5 minutes, tops. Alex then posts a formula recommendation to your file within 24 hours, with an explanation of why each ingredient is included and the effect it has, and guess what? No preservatives, colorings, flavorings or fillers!! The instructions are clear and the daily cost is minimal. This is definitely the future for supplements, not through shops.



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