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Lisa Davidson feels the Hack Up Bespoke benefit over turmeric alone.

Well until recently I had been using turmeric golden paste to help my gelding with a mild locking stifle, but it had become more of an issue this winter. Initially I wasn't sure if his Hack Up AI / Joint formulation was helping but then he ended up on box rest after a shoeing complication and I thought he would be in big trouble. Normally if he had more than 1 day off work, even though he would still be turned out, my horses stifles would suffer, yet with a month off work and on box rest he looks better than ever! I'm very pleased. 4 days back in work we went to a clinic and the instructor commented on how agile he was! I'm a happy customer thank you from a relieved mummy and comfortable Stan seen here with his number 1 fan!

Lisa Davidson

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