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Loading and Standing on the Lorry Calmly

Hi have an update for you. Today I took my lad out on his own for the first time since he started on the calmer bespoke. This was mainly what I needed it for. I topped him up with Step Free last night and this morning. He loaded straight away stood calm as anything while I closed the ramp behind him (usually someone does it for me) he travelled well as always but usually when I arrive he gets anxious to be off the trailer and once he is off he is usually wound up and stressed. Today he stood patiently while I moved the bars, plodded out and stood to be tacked up good as gold I then mounted him without assistance (usually someone has to hold him) we went a hack round the woods with 2 horses he hasn't met before which sometimes worries him but he took it all in his stride only had a couple of anxious moments and settled quickly. He also got anxious when we got back to the trailer and the other horses were tied further down but again settled well. Overall he was a pleasure to take out and I had a stress free time thanks to hack up. I'm definitely sticking with it. Thank you x
Tracey Geeson





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