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King Blaze aka his Lordship, 2014 I started him on his bespoke supplements from Hackup, prior to this I must have tried nearly every calmer on the market to little effect. He's always been quite sharp even at his age now 37, monsters in hedges etc, after trying the last calmer I tried before hackup I was at a brick wall where I was nervous to hack him out and when I did obviously my nerves were transferring to him. Having damaged his tendon in 2012 I couldn't have him being silly and spooking and spinning and dropping his shoulder in case he hurt himself and me. So my friend had a stallion that she had used stepfree on and it had worked so I thought it was worth a go as I was at the end on my tether. BINGO! This stuff is fantastic is really does work and being so versatile with dosing I was AMAZED. He was not sedated but less reactive, if he saw something he would look, take it in and be like ok it's not going to kill me. I was less nervous as I could feel the difference, therefore we were both more relaxed! I never hacked out without it. I also had a hoof/calmer to feed daily and cannot rate this highly enough, he has recently retired and for a period had all 4 shoes off, I was waiting for his feet to just break but they haven't, he had osteoporosis of the pedal bone which has sadly meant retirement but at his age what can I say we've had great times together and done fun rides, jumping and happy hacking over the years, he deserves it. Anyway his feet have recovered so well he had a set of fronts on last weekend just for a little protection to go from the stable to the field. His back feet without shoes still are PERFECT.

We love Hack Up and so glad it was recommended to me so I am recommending it to everyone. Try it you won't be disappointed!!

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