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Mhairi Goodwin tells the story of her beloved Navarro and the help he got from his Joint Bespoke.

Mhairi Goodwin 26 October 22:07
Hi Alex, sadly Navarro was p.t.s about 4 months ago so I won't be needing the bespoke joint just now.
Sorry for delay with my reply about his story with the supplement - I admit I completely forgot.
Navarro was my PRE gelding. I bought him when he was 12 years old and had him for 8 years until he had to be pts (bony growth on his coffin bone). He was a very keen show jumper and with me he also turned his hoof to cross country and dressage. At 16 years old he was diagnosed with stiffness in his hocks and was treated successfully with injections. Two years later I saw recommendations through Facebook for Hack Up and thought I'd see what it was all about. I was impressed by the service and decided to try the product. Alex formulated a joint supplement with some key ingredients which were perfect for Navarro's needs. Once the supplement arrived, Navarro was on it until he was pts earlier this year. Navarro was competed most weekends from the ages 18-20 very successfully in dressage, show jumping and cross country, qualifying for various championships along the way and having articles on him in several magazines. He didn't have a day of stiffness, which I believe to be down to the supplement. There was no change in his behaviour either which was great as, being a PRE, he was quite a sensitive chap.
It was always nice to hear the surprise from folk we met at competitions when they found out he had stiffness as I'd hear the same comments every time about how you'd never know with the way he moves. I should add that he did continue on his injections in one hock approx every 8-10 months (when he'd develop a very slight lameness).
I always recommend Hack Up to anyone looking into supplements as I think the products and service are fantastic, as proved by seeing so many others also recommending them.

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