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Molly's Calming Bespoke Helps Us Compete Again

Recently I moved yards and Molly started bolting when I rode so I started her on a Hack Up bespoke calmer about 3 weeks ago.
Today I took her out to her first show in quite a while. Although she was having a good look round when we warmed up she settled down to the job at hand. She worked hard during her test and we came away 4th out of a class of 14. She then stood happily at the side of the lorry for an hour while we waited for the class to finish.....which has never been her strong point in the past.
I am very happy with Molly today with her attitude, she was attentive but not spooky and I felt that she was relaxed and content in herself.
Many thanks to Hack Up for helping her with this.
Helena Hawkins

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