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Rachael Lansdown enjoys the effects of the Calm / Digest / Detox Bespoke.

Just a little update on Vino. She has been on her Calm / Digest / Toning Bespoke for just under 2 weeks and I can honestly say I think it's working wonders. I'm not normally one to try supplements with much enthusiasm but im so impressed. Not only does she look amazing (even still living out at the moment with a rug, her coat is gleaming and no signs of her nice round belly becoming tucked at all).She feels great and is working a lot better. We had our first lesson since June last night and it was definitely the best she has worked in the school. She was a lot more eager to please but without losing her "spark" ... if anything she looked so much happier. So thank you Alex! Fingers crossed to lots more happy Vino days!!

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