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Roxy feels great on her Refined formulations!

I bought Roxy knowing that she wasn't the most well behaved horse. I spent more time on the floor then actually on her! After a year of owning her she had a slip in the field which caused us to look into it further, turned out she had joint degeneration. We went down all the routes to maintain it. Tried every supplement on the shelf nothing seemed to keep her comfortable. After lots of trials and errors decided to make a post on Facebook to see what people recommended and it was unanimous, Hack Up. What could I lose? I've tried nearly everything on the market. So we tried the Bespoke joint and calming supplement. The joint supplement worked great through the summer she was out all the time and exercised daily she was comfortable. Her behaviour stayed the same. It hit winter, Roxy was stabled at a night time and when it absolutely poured down. She started to become stiff. She had a complete meltdown at her 1st event, threw me off then cantered off through the grounds. I contacted Hack Up to refine her formulas. They made her two new supplements one of which I can change the amount she has on a day to day basis. They also recommended StepFree a liquid calmer. Now 2yrs on we have just started doing dressage at shows. No signs of bucking or spinning. I have a completely different horse!! Catherine Caz Hinchliffe

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