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Sara Smith tells of her Hack Up experience so far.

Hi Alex, 2 years ago I started competing with BD so moved my now 26 year old off anti-inflammatories onto another supplement. However it was costing nearly £80 a month, and as Blondie is a fussy feeder he often wasn't getting it all. I had several recommendations for hack-up bespoke from the BD Facebook group so gave it a try - Alex also made a bespoke to aid his digestive system so he's better able to utilise what he does eat. He's done really well so far and when I recently spoke to Alex regarding Blondie's changes in work he came up with an amended version of the digestive bespoke. Blondie is still doing incredibly well on his formulation and it costs less than half! Thank you very much Alex from both me & Blondie. Sara Smith

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