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Sue Kiernan thrilled to have 2 out of 2 horses on top form.

Now let me tell you about Indee...
To cut a two-year story very short, he had peritonitis and a fractured radius. Nine weeks of cross tied box rest and two treatments for ulcers later, I now have a very calm, chilled and relaxed horse.
Prior to his problems, Indee was always pacing about the place, jumping in and out of paddocks, he was very reluctant to go forward when schooled and then started bucking into trot.  He was generally becoming quite a grumpy old so and so!
I spoke to Alex about Indee in general and he instantly told me to put him on zeolite for maintenance after treatment for ulcers and Hack up bespoke AI joint supplement. He is also going on Bespoke Toning supplement as he needs to produce some top line after being out of work for so long.
Indee has been on these supplements now for about four months. Following his treatment, coupled with the new supplements, I now have a horse with a healthy appetite who works well on the flat and hacks out alone. His paddock no longer has a trench running along the fence line! He has stopped 'hooling' about the place and is generally a lot less grumpy. He is a pleasure to have about the place and is quite relaxed about life.
Indee is 11 years old and I have owned him from nine moths old. It's like having my old Indee back.
I can't thank Alex enough for all his advice and help, nothing's too much trouble any time night or day. You have now fixed both my horses and I can't thank you enough!

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