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My mare began to feel a bit stuffy particularly on the flat, but I put that down to the fact that dressage was always the phase that I personally found the most challenging.  However, my trainer suggested that I needed to offer my mare more support in her levels of comfort. Hopefully that would enable her to 'let go' a little and to really begin developing more strength to help her work through her back more freely.

I studied equine science with Alex Gingell at WCA and after a long conversation about my horse he created me a bespoke product to try - after only a week I felt a difference. To me, things just seemed to get easier!  My trainer pointed out that I was in fact getting more hind leg engagement through the back with a more even contact through into my hand.  This was all coming from the fact that it wasn't my riding that had made the flat work more difficult, but my mare's levels of comfort, 

As a Scottish man, I had always thought supplements were a waste of money but this really was making me see that there is a place for a top quality natural supplement.  I was particularly amazed that my old Uni friend had literally turned the supplement industry 'on its head' in one fell swoop. His idea was simple.  Buy human grade ingredients raw, and mix them in the most suitable ratios for the individual horse's requirements, without buffers, preservatives and colourings, making them more effective and powerful. They miss out the wholesaler and retailer too by selling direct, saving us customers lots of £.

Then, his wife Jayne, who runs one of the UK's largest Equine Marketing companies, Fizz Equestrian built a very sophisticated secure website. There is also an added facility of being able to refine your product.You can communicate back to Alex about the exact product he has formulated for you and tell him what you found and what you felt and he then refines the product to get even more effect.  It's simple to use and every horse gets Alex's individual attention.

The simple ideas are the best. This brilliant concept is proving it with thousands of customers reaping the rewards. I have all our horses and ponies on a bespoke and we all see and feel a huge improvements.Stiffness turning to suppleness. Tension turning to focus and relaxation.  Simply brilliant and makes me enjoy my dressage all the more!

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