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Unexpected Bonus from the Bespoke!!!

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the bespoke for my mini spotted pony. He was recommended a detox bespoke for a suspected sarcoid on his ear and although it is too early to say yet if it will have an effect for that, I have seen a positive and unexpected side effect after just 3 weeks. Fen has suffered from chronic conjunctivitis since I bought him 6 months ago and despite repeated courses of chloramphenicol (and a culture and sensitivity swab to ensure that is the right treatment), the conjunctivitis returns days after treatment stops. That is however until I started him on his bespoke, I wouldn't say his eyes are 100% but they are no longer inflamed and most days there is very little or no discharge, I would say a 95% improvement from the sore, 'gunky' eyes he did suffer with. Having resigned myself to always having to manage this condition with repeated courses of antibiotic ointment, I am confident with continued use of his bespoke we will have complete recovery. Thank you Alex and your team a very welcome and unexpected bonus and I will keep you posted on the progress of his suspected sarcoid. Sharon Guyver — at Narbrough.

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