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We made it to Windsor and got 4th!

I was almost at my wits end with my horse who had so much potential but was using it against me, not with me.  I completed the Free Formulation form and a bespoke product was formulated specifically to meet the demands of our circumstances and breed and type of horse.  Very soon after starting Honey on her new bespoke calmer she began to 'come down.' She stopped bombing off with me and generally she did not feel on her toes any more either!  As the weeks passed and she continued to remain calm my confidence began to return and I actualy felt that with such a dramatic  difference in her demeanour, that I could  take her to Royal Windsor, which I'd always wanted to do.... and we came 4th!
Thank you Alex Gingell and your team, for helping me reach a riding ambition of mine.
Claire Gray

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