E Working trot half circle left 10m to X X Half circle right 10m to B

E Working trot half circle left 10m to X X Half circle right 10m to B

Alex's Dressage Tip

E Working trot half circle left 10m to X
X Half circle right 10m to B

What the judge wants to see…

- A good quality trot where the horse round, connected and flowing forwards loosely over the back with the hind legs stepping under and carrying sufficient weight for the horse to be in self carriage.
- The horse should show a clear bend through the body one way then straighten up momentarily over X and then bend through the body the other way.

Typical errors that we see are....
1. Poor shaped ½ circles
2. A loss of balance / rhythm
3. Hollowing / resisting
4. Tightening over the back shortening the strides
5. Losing engagement 
6. Tending to the forehand
7. Hurrying
8. Swinging quarters

- Half halt before starting the first circle, achieve a good bend and ensure the connection it elastic before you come off the track.
- Ensure you leave the track exactly at E and, keeping your hips straight, twist above the waist so your shoulders face slightly inwards and using ‘soft eyes’ look towards X and concentrate on accuracy and fluency, keeping the horse round supple and in front of the leg.
- Then, when you arrive at X , this is your moment to impress!! Show off your soft, elastic and supple horse by smoothly and swiftly straightening momentarily (for one stride only), confidently smile at the judge, before swiftly and smoothly bending through the whole body to the right.
- As before, twist at the waist, look to B and ride another fluent, balanced and accurate half circle to the marker using 'soft eyes'. Keep the horse round, connected, loose and in front of the leg.
- At B, breathe and straighten.



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