Antonia & Tim Brown - professional horse people 'through and through'.

Antonia & Tim Brown - professional horse people 'through and through'.

Their wealth of experience with horses from these 3 disciplines is extraordinary.

Antonia Brown is very well known and respected on both the Eventing and BD circuits. Being a UKCC Level 3 coach, Antonia is in huge and constant demand as a trainer.

Based just outside the small rural village of Brigstock, Northamptonshire with husband (and ex international show jumper) Tim, they together run a very successful equine business that produces and sell International Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage horses.

They are horse people through and through and have a fabulous reputation for putting their horses first.

2 year customers of Hack Up Bespoke, they have renewed their initial Buy & Book order twice and are truly deserving of a place on Hack Up Bespoke’s Pro Rider page. Antonia and Alex have a ‘dressage chemistry’ and work together at Dressage Training & Ring Craft clinics across the country.

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